AvPlan 1.3


AvPlan 1.3 has been approved by Apple and is now available from the Apple App Store.

This release includes the following new features;

  • Route markers (at 10 minute or 10 NM intervals) can be added to routes on the map
  • Routes can be edited and intermediate waypoints added by ‘rubber banding’. Tap and hold on the middle of a route and move it to an intermediate point. A waypoint will be added to your plan at that point.
  • A new notepad tab, for taking notes
  • Winds aloft page added under “Planning”. This allows the viewing winds in an area forecast and selection and change of winds where there are subdivisions in area forecasts
  • Flight plans and track logs can be emailed in ‘GPX’ format. These can be viewed in applications such as Google Earth to view previous flights.
  • Flight plans and track logs can be cleared from a previously used plan. Buttons will be visible at the bottom of the plan when editing the plan.