Australian Bonanza Society BPPP – Narromine

This weekend I spent time with the Australian Bonanza Society at their biennial BPPP (Bonanza Pilot Proficiency Program) at Narromine in Central NSW. The ABS had Tom Turner out from the USA performing the ground school on the Saturday. This was excellent, except for all the flak I copped as an ABS committee member who flies a Cirrus!

We did a short presentation and then did a lot of QnA with the Bonanza and Baron pilots – most of which use AvPlan EFB.

I flew up with Charles from Avia Aircraft in their SR22 G5, XTS. This is a lovely machine, and with less than 300 hours since new, still has the ‘new plane’ smell. We flew up in around 2.2 hours, back in 2.3 hours and did a short demo flight. When we arrived back at Moorabbin we still had 17 USG onboard – awesome range.