Low Jet Route (LJR) NOTAMs

AvPlan EFB now depicts Low Jet Route (LJR) NOTAMs as regions on all charts. When such a NOTAM is issued, it will be depicted as a yellow region on your charts when ‘Active Airspace’ is displayed. Tap Map Settings, View Items, Active Airspace to enable the depiction of active restricted, temporary restricted and LJR NOTAMs.

When the NOTAM is active, these regions will turn red (as per the image above). Double tap on the region and the NOTAM will be displayed.

The depiction of LJR NOTAMs takes the guesswork on where the ADF are operating at low level. At a glance pilots can check to see if their route intersects with any current operations and alter their plans accordingly. In addition while in flight you will receive notifications when such an area is ahead; as a notification on your device, on your Apple Watch or in your bluetooth connected headset.

This unique capability is available to all Australian subscribers to AvPlan EFB.