NAIPS fields

Additional fields in a  NAIPS plan submission can be entered as follows;
DLA/  – tap on the desired leg of the flight plan (which switches the
secondary view to the terminal pane)  and then a delay can be entered in
HHMM format on that screen.
RMK/  – The required remarks can also be entered on the terminal pane. Per
stage remarks are entered here, and on the NAIPS submission page (Flight
Planning->Submit flight plan) you can enter per-plan remarks.
EET/  – The set is automatically calculated based on your plan (plus any
delays) and submitted
DEP/ – The departure and destinations are also automatically specified per
stage. User waypoints will be correctly submitted as lat/long coordinates.
DEST/ – As per DEP above.
NAV/ – In the aircraft details, the specific avionics can be specified.
When ‘Z’ is also selected, a new field will appear when items such as
GPSNPA can be specified. Tap on the aircraft icon at the bottom of the
flight plan, and then tap the blue arrow against the specific aircraft
which you wish to edit.