AvPlan Standard Plus – Australia

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AvPlan EFB Standard Plus – 1 year subscription   

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AvPlan Standard Plus- 1 year subscription   

  • Ideal for VFR pilots (both day and night)
  • CASA approved replacement for paper documents
  • Full database of Australian airports, navigational aids, waypoints and IFR routes
  • ERSA, AIP and AIP SUP documents
  • Seamless VFR maps (VTC, VNC, WAC, ERC L, PCA)
  • Georeferenced taxi diagrams, viewable in Terminal tab or directly on map via MegaZoom
  • CASR, CAO, CAAP documents
  • Rain radar, IR satellite and lightning overlays on all maps
  • Icing, cloud ceiling and visibility forecasts
  • Glide planner
  • LSALT Calculator
  • Full NAIPS support for preflight briefing and flight plan/sartime submission
  • Synthetic vision
  • Weight and balance calculations
  • Extensive document printing support