Oshkosh 2014 Press Release

AvPlan Goes Android

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Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 23 July 2014-

AvPlan EFB – the well-established electronic flight planning application –is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its Android version. Formerly only available on Apple iPhone and iPad, the app – AvPlan Lite – will soon be available for Android smartphone and tablet users.

AvPlan Lite is a user-friendly version, with the fantastic basic features as AvPlan EFB.  AvPlan offers a complete FAA database, with weather charts, NOTAMS, A/FD, Airfield and Approach Charts and FAA AIM documents, fuel planning, aircraft manuals and more.

The Lite version also features ‘direct to’ navigation and the ‘tap to show nearest points’ function.

Company director Bevan Anderson said, “We’ve had such a wonderful response to the flight planning capabilities of AvPlan and we’re now looking forward to showcasing AvPlan Lite. We’ve listened to customer requests for an Android version, and as a well established company, our customers can trust us to bring a high quality product to the market.”

AvPlan Lite will be available from AvPlan’s website www.avplan-efb.com and from the Google Play store. Additionally, AvPlan Lite will be available in an iOS Apple version, for users who prefer a less detailed planning tool.

Oshkosh Special

As a show special, AvPlan HQ is offering a free 1-year subscription for AvPlan Lite (Android and iOS). Come and see us at stand 2004, hangar B, for a demo.

About AvPlan

AvPlan is an Australian and USA company, with offices in the United States and Australia. Founded in 2010 by software developer Bevan Anderson, AvPlan focuses on continuous improvement. The team at AvPlan regularly consults with our Product Design Board, comprising senior instructors and pilots active in all major aviation segments from airline pilots and the military through to flying instructors and recreational pilots. The AvPlan team pride themselves on customer support and engagement.

For further information visit:

W – www.avplan-efb.com

E – bevan@avplan-efb.com

P – +1 614 586 1711