AvPlan EFB


AvPlan EFB – Electronic Flight Bag

Get flying faster with AvPlan EFB – the premier lifetime Electronic Flight Bag app that grows with you.

Designed for VFR recreational to professional IFR charter and global airline aviation operations

From local VFR recreational aviation through to professional part 135 charter and global airline operations, the AvPlan Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has been designed to simplify your flying by using the portability, effortlessness and processing capability of your iPhone™ or iPad™.

Envisioned, developed and rigorously tested by pilots for pilots, AvPlan EFB integrates everything you need to prepare, plan and execute your flight – whether it be in a recreational aircraft, corporate jet or something in between.


  • LM FSS integration

    WX, NOTAMS, flight plan submission/amendment

  • VFR Sectional & IFR aeronautical charts

    All with pan, zoom & rotation capability

  • Synthetic Vision

    Synthetic Vision included in all plans

  • GPS moving map

    GPS moving map with highly customizable overlays (TFRs, MOAs, SIGMETs, etc)

  • Aircraft handbook import

    import .PDF Aircraft pilot operating handbook import

  • Terrain map

    Terrain map overlay and in-flight terrain and obstacle alerting via voice annunciation

  • Automatic TOC, TOD, PNR, CP

    Automatic TOC, TOD, PNR, CP, optimum altitude calculation and aircraft performance profiling

  • Weight and balance

    Weight and balance (with loadsheet and passenger manifest)

  • Graphical WX overlays on any chart

    Graphical WX overlays on any chart (WX Radar, Lightning, METAR, SIGMET)

  • AFD and AIM

    Fully searchable documents with bookmark capability

  • Print

    Send a briefing pack to PDF file, email & Apple AirPrint compatible printers

  • My flights

    Login and upload share flight plans

More in your EFB

Detailed performance, route & altitude optimization, weight & balance and flight planning at your fingertips

Flight Planning
LM FSS Integration
My Flights
Print Flight Plan

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What other pilots say about us!

Gerald Smith

Last week my wife and I returned from a trip to Perth. The return trip included Caiguna Roadhouse, Border Village, Coober Pedy, William Ck,, Lake Eyre, Wilpena Pound and Broken Hill. Having only recently returned to flying after about a 10 year lapse, I found the trip almost too easy to believe. As this was the first time I had used Avplan away from my home base on any significant flight, it gave me a good opportunity to really use the software and its many features. The ability to lodge SARTIMEs from the cockpit, easily navigate around areas of poor weather, orientate ourselves for circuit entry at non-controlled airstrips and stay on the right area frequency significantly reduced my workload and allowed me to enjoy the trip much more than previous trips. PS: We had all the maps and charts for the trip and carried a backup iPad and had the software on my iPhone . The aircraft also was equipped with a Garmin 430 (but much harder to program/change and see).
Great product and, with an iPad, unnervingly accurate!

Gerald Smith Pilot
Nathan Scard

Whilst working on the recent NSW and QLD floods, I found AvPlan to be invaluable for our search and rescue operations. In addition to traditional airmanship methods, AvPlan provided outstanding situational awareness in poor weather conditions and allowed us to co ordinate multiple missions ‘on the run’ increasing our utilisation and response times. The various government agencies all commented on the assistance the iPad and AvPlan have provided.

Nathan ScardManager, Multi Engine Operations, McDermott Aviation.

AvPlan Lite is now available for Android™ or iOS™

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