AvPlan Lite Press Release

AvPlan EFB – Australia’s leading flight planning application –is pleased to announce the release of its Android version. Formerly only available on Apple iPhone and iPad, the app – AvPlan Lite – will soon accessible to Android smartphone and tablet users.

AvPlan Lite is a user-friendly version, with the same fantastic basic features as AvPlan EFB.  The Enroute page will offer a Mega VFR chart as well as IFR Enroute Low charts, which show the aircraft’s location. The Lite version also features weather radar overlay, ‘direct to’ navigation and the ‘tap to show nearest points’ function.

AvPlan Lite will also feature the terminal page, with TAFs, METARs and NOTAMs, as well as Comms and the ERSA and DAP pages. The weather pane will offer NAIPs charts and satellite images. All documentation (AIP, ERSA, AIP sup, DAP) will be available, as well as the link to Dropbox feature. The notepad  – a popular feature in AvPlan EFB – will also be included in AvPlan Lite.

AvPlan Lite will be a CASA approved paper replacement under the same terms and conditions as AvPlan EFB. AvPlan Lite will be available from AvPlan’s website: www.avsoft.com.au and from the Google Play store.