Sharing Your Flight Plan With Others

There may be many times that you’d like to share your flight live with others on the ground.  They could be friends interested in aviation – jealous of your awesome airborne adventures – or they could be loved ones that simply wish to ensure you’re safely making progress to your destination.

Either way, once you’ve put your plan together AvPlan EFB makes sharing your flight live with other people very easy.

To do so, tap the Send/Share icon below the flight log.  From the list, select Email Flight Plan.


You’ll be presented with a fresh email, containing a screenshot of your map page (so it’s a good idea to zoom out to see the whole plan before sending), a link and a GPX file.  The attached GPX file can be imported into Google Earth for a detailed visualisation of your plan.


Type in the email address(es) of your intended recipients.  Encourage your friends/loved ones to tap on the hyperlink.  This will take them to a special mini-website for that particular flight plan.  There’s nothing they need to do to start it, as the map will update itself automatically.

Screenshot 2016-02-25 22.48.07

Only people that have the exact link will be able to view this plan.  To make sure that they’ll be able to see your live progress, make sure you have AvPlan Live activated (tap Settings > User Settings > AvPlan Live) and you have a data connection for your iPad/iPhone in the air.

If you happen to tap the Email Flight Plan option and your email doesn’t have a link within it, then do these few steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap My Flights/Login and log in with your AvPlan EFB credentials (the same email address/password you log into the app with)
  3. Find your flight plan in the list and tap the Share option.  When it has been set to the Share mode successfully, you’ll see the option change to Unshare.


Remember: This method of sharing is on a per plan basis.  When you move on to a different flight plan, your track won’t be shown on this particular shared flight.  If you’d like to have a blanket share option for any plan that doesn’t require a specific sharing process each time, I’ll cover that in a future post.

So, give flight plan sharing a try!