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Topics covered in this section:

AvPlan EFB is the premier portable flight planning and electronic flight bag for Android tablets and phones for pilots.
AvPlan EFB allows you to perform pre-flight planning activities including:

  • Download aviation maps and aerodrome documents to make themn available for use when there is intermittent or no network access.
  • Download and save weather briefings from NAIPS/IFIS.
  • Prepare a flight plan, download and incorporate winds and submit the plan via IFIS or NAIPS.

In-flight, AvPlan EFB can be used as an electronic flight log, greatly extending the Electronic Flight Bag concept. The AvPlan app can:

  • Calculate departure and, arrival times for all waypoints based on actual departure/arrival times and forecast winds.
  • Display aircraft routing and current location on all maps.
  • Log and display aircraft track on all maps.
  • Display and quickly access the status of PRD areas.
  • Provide easy access to AIP information.

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