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When you single tap on a map, the Nearest Items view appears. This view shows the Nearest Airports. Navigational Aids, Waypoints and Maps at the location tapped, and the bearing and distance to each of them from your current location.

  • When you are in Fly mode, a long tap (≈1/2 a second) is needed to display the Nearest Items window (to stop inadvertent taps causing this to pop up when in turbulence).

The Add|Direct To toggle switch changes the behaviour when the Quick Action (+) icon is tapped on a row in the table, so one of the following occurs:

  • In Add mode, the point is added at the end of the flight plan.
  • In Direct To mode, selecting an item activates the direct to function.

The first item in the table allows a user waypoint to be created at that location. When returning to the original view, this point can be added or inserted into the plan.
Selecting a map opens that particular map.

  • When you tap on the row of the item you’d like, the Waypoint Details page will open and display a handy shortcut to Weather, NOTAMs, Cameras (if available), plus ERSA and/or DAP pages for that location. Tap any row to view more. Direct To, Add to Plan, Terminal and Delete buttons are also included in this view, making it a very handy hub for many tasks – both during pre flight planning and in-flight.
Tap the Show Chart On Map shortcut button to place that plate on the map (Note: this is only available for georeferenced plates.

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