Adding a new stage

To create a multi-stage flight plan:

  1. Tap on the final leg of the flight plan to open the Terminal tab for that place
  2. Tap the Land|New Stage toggle to New Stage. (Top-right corner of the Terminal tab)
    1. A new stage is created
    2. The last waypoint is from the previous stage is added as the first waypoint
  3. Add the waypoint(s) to complete the second stage flight plan
  4. You can do the same again to the final waypoint of the second stage to create a third, and so on.
  • Each stage will have its own summary, with a whole flight plan summary at the bottom

Removing a stage

If you wish to remove the extra landing point, tap the Overfly button that appears in the stage summary.

Pressing the Overfly button will stitch the two stages back together and removes the duplicated waypoint.

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