The MET tab in the terminal pane gives access to available Weather information, including both raw and decoded TAF/METAR information.
Tap the MET option to view the TAF, METAR, TTF METAR and/or ATIS for your airport.

The first column shows the Raw TAF at the location if there is one, followed by a Plain English version, then by raw TAFs at any nearby locations.

Similarly, the second column contains the Raw METAR and ATIS at the location if they exist, followed by a Plain English version, then by raw METARS at nearby locations.

Notable features:

  • The Decoded TAF includes a tabular presentation of forecast Temperatures and QNH vs UTC, with interpolated values for the current time coloured magenta.
  • The METAR column includes a density altitude calculation
  • Currently active INTERs & TEMPOs in the TAF are highlighted
  • Nearby TAFs and METARs are accessible with just one tap

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