If you find some of the fonts in AvPlan a bit too small to read easily, please bear with us. We’d love to make it possible for you to manage the front sizes in AvPlan yourself, but to do that without making a mess of the many different parts of the app presents a considerable programming challenge.

Help, however, is at hand;

In the iOS Settings app, please scroll down to “Accessibility”, then tap on the second item: “Zoom”, and turn it on. Please also read the brief instructions there describing how to use it before leaving the settings app. We also recommend having a good play with AvPlan using this Zoom tool on the ground, before using it in the cockpit. It isn’t difficult, but a few minutes becoming familiar with it on the ground will be well worth the time spent.

The iOS Zoom tool lets you see things that are difficult to read if and when required regardless of what app you are running at the time. You can turn the Zoom tool on and off with a simple three fingered double tap, so it is only there when you need it.

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