Flight Plan Index View

The Flight plan index has two sections:

Local Flight Plans Plans that are stored on the device in your hands (plans in this section appear in dark bold text)
Other Flight Plans Plans that have bee synced to/saved on the cloud server but are not on the current device (plans in this section appear in light grey text)

To load a plan from the cloud server onto your local device, locate the desired plan in the Other Plans section and tap it. It will download and import, and appear at the bottom of the Local Plans list. This can then be opened, viewed and edited as if it was originally created on that very device.

In the flight plan index, each plan is displayed with:

  • Departure and arrival landing points, or a custom name entered by you.
  • Distance and time.
  • Flight rules.
  • Aircraft callsign.

The status of the plan submission is displayed as one of the following:

  • Not Filed (Plan has not been sent to NAIPS/IFIS).
  • Filed OK (Plan has been successfully submitted).
  • File Failed (Plan failed to submit correctly).

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