The AvPlane Live Website is accessed directly here: AvPlan Live Website.

You will need to login with your AvPlan-EFB credentials to use the AvPlan-Live site.

When signed in you will be able to see:

  • Detailed charts showing airspace and live (current) traffic data. These maps are customisable, with choices for
    • VFR
    • IFR Low and
    • IFR High
  • And layers for
    • Lightning
    • Weather Radar and
    • Infra Red Satellite imagery

Under “Account” you can access:

  • A list of all your TrackLogs. Selecting one will display it on the map, with options to highlight particular flight events (e.g. off-blocks, takeoff, departure, landing, on blocks etc
  • A list of all devices currently Signed-in to your account . If desired, you can use this interface to Sign-out device/s
  • A list of currently shared flights, along with a tool to create a temporary link to a flight if you wish to share it with others.

The charts are highly detailed: zoom in to discover just how rich they are.

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