This Settings option will only appear for users who are Enterprise Administrators.

Enterprise Admins will be able to see the group (or groups) for which they have admin rights. Each group will have a menu as follows:

  • Group Settings > NAIPS Details
    • NAIPS Login >Used for setting a group NAIPS username
    • NAIPS Password > Used for setting a group NAIPS password
  • Group Settings > App Settings
    • Group Aircraft Only > If set, restricts members of the group to using only group aircraft.
    • AvPlan Live Enabled > Enables AvPlan live for all members of the group. If enabled, then members of the group can choose whether or not to individually enable AvPlan Live. If not enabled, then no members of the group will be able to enable AvPlan live.
    • Av Plan Live Group Only If set, restricts visibility of flights to members of the group only.
    • AvPlan Live Share Active Plan If set, allows the active plan to be shared. If not set, prevents members of the group from sharing their active plans.
  • Aircraft profiles
    • Shows which aircraft profiles are being shared within the group (if any). New aircraft can be added to the group via the Add Button, and aircraft can be removed from the list by swiping left and tapping on the Delete button
    • Locally modified aircraft profiles are not automatically shared with the group, but can be shared after saving in the type database by tapping on the Update button beside the aircraft type name.
  • Maps
    • Redirects to the AvPlan web page for group map management (requiring an admin login)
  • Members
    • Redirects to the AvPlan web page for group member management (requiring an admin login)

To Exit the group administration settings, tap on the Dismiss button in the top left corner.

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