The Text pane displays the following documentation:

  • AIP (“Book”)
  • ERSA General
  • DAP General
  • CAO (Civil Aviation Orders)
  • CAR (Civial Aviation regulations; includes the Civil Aviation Act and the CASR’s)
  • AC (Advisory Circulars)
  • CAAP (Civil Aviation Advisory Publications)
  • MOS. (The Part 61 MOS- Australian Licensing standards)
  • Airservices Documents: A complete set of Australian Visual Terminal Charts (VTC) and the Sydney Basin Guide
  • CASA Documents; Specifically, the Visual Flight Rules Guide (VFRG)
  • NZ AIP
  • Other AIPS (as subscribed)
  • Pilot Operating Handbooks (.PDF files)
  • Documents in the AvPlan-EFB Dropbox folder (.PDF files)
  • Chart Legends
  • AvPlan EFB Documents (A QuickStart guide, this User manual and links to tutorials).

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