The Terminal tab displays information about a location within the flight plan, or about any other location that has been selected even if it is not in the plan.

There is a presentation of some common information above a row of tabs.

The common information consists of the Location Identifier and Name , its Latitude and Longitude, the current Beginning (BOD) and End of Daylight (EOD) values (UTC) at the location and the location Elevation in feet AMSL. If the location has a weather camera, a Camera icon will displayed beside the BOD/EOD. Tapping on the Weather Cam icon will access the camera images directly.

If the location is part of the current flight plan there are buttons to indicate whether the the current leg is to be flown VFR or IFR, and to allow changing from one to the other at that point in the plan.
There are also buttons to add a planned Landing at the location, or to delete a planned landing and Overfly it. If the location is the last point in a plan the Overfly button changes to a New Stage button, which can be used to copy the location at the end of the plan and start a new stage.


Any page displayed in the Terminal pane can be printed by simply tapping on the printer icon when the page is open. This includes ERSA, RDS, DAP, Country Airstrip guide pages and SUPS.

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