Flight plans can be automatically be synced between iOS 7+ devices via AvPlan EFB’s cloud services. When enabled, a sync will automatically occur whenever a flight plan placed back in Stored Plans and Save Changes was selected.

A sync can be manually instigated at any time by tapping the Sync/Send icon and selecting Sync Plan via Cloud.

When the same flight plan is open at the same time on another linked device, a prompt will appear ‘Updated Flightplan Available’; with an option to Cancel or Import changes. This capability makes the transition (for example – in flight) from a primary device to a secondary device seamless.

The Flight plan index has two sections:

Local Plans stored on the device in your hands (plans in this section appear in dark bold text)
Other Plans synced/saved plans only on the cloud server (plans in this section appear in light grey text)

To load a plan on your local device, locate the desired plan in the Other Plans section and tap it. It will download and import, and appear at the bottom of the Local Plans list. This can then be opened, viewed and edited as if it was originally created on that very device.

If you view a plan (and have modified it) and save the same plan on another device, a pop-up warning will appear, asking if you want to import this new plan.
• If you want to discard the current plan, tap OK and a remote copy will load.
• To ignore the remote changes, tap Cancel.

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