Use this option when planning to fly IFR, VFR in controlled airspace, or you wish to use a VFR Flight Following service. You can submit your flight plan and nominate a SARTIME in one go. There’s no need to submit a separate SARTIME notification if you’ve submitted a VFR flight plan via this method.

Flight Plan/Pilot details

This information, which includes the pilot’s NAIPS details must be entered to submit a plan. These are then saved for future use.

Any rows requiring attention will be highlighted green

Tapping the Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) row brings up the time picker popup. Tap the UTC button switch between UTC and LT (Local Time)

Any time you amend a setting on this page, the change will propagate back to either your flight plan, or your aircraft profile. For example: If you notice that your aircraft is missing a DME in the submission, you can tap the Nav/Comm row, select D (DME) then dismiss the pop-up. This change is now automatically saved in your aircraft profile for future submissions.


A SARTIME can be entered for departure/arrival at a particular point in a VFR flight plan.

SARTIMEs are in UTC, and entered using the ‘tumbler’ pop-up. You can switch between UTC and device Local Time (LT) by tapping the button in the top-right corner of the pop-up.

Submitting a plan/NOSEND

The Submit button sends the plan to AirServices. If only a test plan submission is required, set NOSEND to ON before tapping Submit. When NOSEND is set to ON, a flight plan is sent to Airservices with the word NOSEND substituted for your callsign.

The NAIPS response to the plan submission appears in the window below the Send icon.

At the top of the screen, Not Filed will update to Filed OK when the submission works correctly. If an error message is received, the status File Failed will display. This will only be cleared by a successful submission.

Amending a submitted flight plan

Flight plans can be amended by making the necessary changes to your flight plan (e.g. departure time), then pressing the submit button once again.

Flight plan messages

When your flight plan has been accepted, you will receive a message on your device(s) that ATC have acknowledged your plan.

In addition, you will be advised of your expected routing. If ATC change your flight planned route, you will see this message and can be ready to confirm the new routing when you call for a clearance.

These messages will appear in Planning > Flight Status. Tap the Mark as read button to dismiss them.

If you do not wish to receive such messages, these can be turned off/on by tapping Settings > Notifications.

NAIPS errors

Common error codes returned by the NAIPS system and their fixes can be found at our FAQ.

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