The Flight Planning tab contains a logical list of flight planning tasks that if each is worked through one-by-one from top to bottom, you can be confident that you’ve covered your basic planning requirements.


When no plan is open, the list is small, but grows to contain the following options when the first waypoint is added:

  • Create a new flight plan
  • Import a previously filed flight plan (PRO Feature only)
  • Select the optimal cruise altitude for your flight based on time, fuel burn and/or cost
  • Complete Aircraft Loading / Weight and Balance / Fuel Planning
  • View PRDs for planned route
  • Flight Status messages
  • View/Edit/Add User Waypoint(s)
  • Preview your Domestic Flight Plan Form for this flight
  • Request a Route Weather Briefing (SPFIB)
  • Print Preview Aircraft Load Sheet.
  • Submit SARTIME only
  • Submit ICAO Flight Plan (and SARTIME) via NAIPS.
  • Delete a NAIPS plan and/or SARTIME
  • View, change or cancel SARTIME notifications.
  • Print/Send flight plan pages, Weather and ERSA/DAP pages.
  • Log your flight to logbook app LogTen Pro. Find out more:

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