The Other Downloads section allows individual maps to be downloaded at your discretion.

Terrain data (found under the section marked Worldwide Other) is downloaded automatically. You may temporarily delete it, however it will automatically re-download when connected to WiFi.

Other specialist map types information can also be downloaded here, such as the 250k Topographic, Planning Chart, or User Maps (if enabled).

Bulk downloads

Tapping this option will set AvPlan EFB to download all data that you’re subscribed to (except for WAC charts).

Use with caution, as the downloads can be large – both initially, and for each map update.


Use the options below the MAINTENANCE subheading to perform the following options:

Delete old data Deletes downloaded data that has since expired
Delete all flight plans Clears all saved flight plans on the device
Download NavData Downloads and reinstalls a refreshed NavData database
Delete all forecasts Clears all downloaded area briefings and forecasts
Delete all track logs Clears all logged tracks
Delete all saved data Deletes all maps and documents saved to the device

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