AvPlan EFB makes keeping up with airfield NOTAMs easier, by reducing the possibility of double-handling and re-reading. Any NOTAMs associated with the currently selected airfield will appear under the NOTAM tab. Each NOTAM will appear on its own card.

Airport NOTAM management

The age of the NOTAMs can be quickly established visually:

Less than 8 hours since issued NOTAM card shaded yellow
Less than 2 weeks since issued NOTAM card contains a black bar down the left-hand edge
More than 2 weeks since issued NOTAM card completely white

In the bottom-right corner of each card there is a Mark as Read button. When tapped, the NOTAM card will fold up into a single line to signify that you’ve read that particular one.

The read/unread status of a NOTAM is instantly shared and updated to your other devices in near real-time (data connection is required).

If you wish to re-open an already read NOTAM, simply tap its card and the full text will be visible again.

Phone numbers within the text are highlighted. Tap them to begin a phone call to that number with the dialer/phone app.

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