Heads Up Display (HUD)

A set of live data can be overlaid on top of all maps (The HUD). This data can be individualised to show what you’d like to see while in flight. The HUD is able to show the following details:

HUD Item Details
TO Waypoint at the end of the Currently selected leg of the flight plan. If the Waypoint is an Aid, then the type and frequency of the Aid are displayed. When the HUD is active this item is always present and cannot be changed
AGL Current GPS Altitude Above Ground Level, ft
AIRSPACE Current Airspace (CTR, CTA or PRD)
NEXT AIRSPACE Next Airspace (CTR, CTA or PRD). See note below re track projection
ALT Current GPS Altitude above Ground Level, ft
BARO ALT Barometric Altitude, ft. (Taken from the device)
BRG Bearing to the next waypoint from the current location, °M
DIST (DEST) Distance remaining from the current position to destination, nm
DIST (NEXT) Distance remaining from the current position to next waypoint, nm
DTK Desired Track – The Planned track from last waypoint to the next waypoint of the current leg, °M
ETA (NEXT) ETA at the next waypoint (UTC )
ETA (DEST) ETA at the Destination (UTC )
FIA Current area frequency
FIA NEXT Next area frequency. See note below re track projection
GPS HORIZ ERR Estimated horizontal error calculated by the GPS (including external GPS devices)
GS Ground speed, Kt
LSALT Lowest Safe Altitude for current leg, or Grid LSALT if outside envelope used for route LSALT calculation, ft [If on a direct-To leg that is not in the plan and you calculate an LSALT, it will appear here]
QNH QNH based on nearest available METAR at the current location, with METAR Location shown, hPa
QNH DEST QNH based on the nearest available METAR at the the destination Location, hPa
ROD (DEST) Rate of Descent required from the current position to arrive at ground level at the Destination
SFC WIND Surface wind at the current position based on the the nearest available METAR, with METAR Location shown
SFC WIND DEST Surface wind at the Destination location based on nearest available METAR
TAS Planned True Airspeed for the current leg, Kts
TIME (NEXT) Minutes to next waypoint
TIMER Stopwatch (tap to start/stop/reset)
TRK Current track over the ground (aka Track Made Good), °M
XTE Cross Track Error, nm

Personalising the HUD

To change a field, tap and hold until the cell border highlights, then release. A list of available options appears below. Tap the one you want to save it in that location in the HUD.
Note: Cells cannot be duplicated; only currently available options will be shown. To move cells that are already present to another position, tap and hold both until they highlight. When you then release your fingers, they will swap positions.

HUD text colour can be changed by going to Settings > User Settings > Application Colours.

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