The Graphical Area Forecasts interface works in two modes; Overview Mode and Interactive Mode. Zoom in or out to move between the two different modes. Interactive mode is identified by the individual subdivisions dynamically appearing. This is still the same data as is in the GAF document, however the raw information is gathered by AvPlan EFB and drawn dynamically.

Graphical area forecasts interface

Tapping on the map within a region results in two different outcomes; depending on which mode you are currently operating in:

  • Overview Mode
    • Tap within a forecast region to view the original Graphical Area Forecast file exactly as supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology.
    • You can pan around this document, and pinch to zoom.
    • Tap the Close button to go back to the map.
  • Interactive Mode
    • Tap within a division region (for example, Area ‘A’) to view a pop-up containing the text pertaining to that area only.
    • If you’ve tapped within a subdivision (for example, Area ‘A1’), any reference(s) to A1 within the text are highlighted.
    • AvPlan EFB extracts data from the text and depicts them on the map. For example, if the text references an individual airport/waypoint, or if a line between various airports/waypoints is referenced, they will automatically be depicted on the map so you don’t have to go searching for them.
    • Any current AIRMETs will also be depicted on the map as a purple shape. If you tap within the AIRMET, the AIRMET text will be appended at the bottom of the pop-up window’s list.

In both modes, you can select between the first forecast period and the second by tapping the 0-6 HR or 6-12 HR buttons.

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