This page will show the status of any currently attached external ADSB devices, Panel devices and Satellite Tracking devices.

Devices currently supported by AvPlan are listed on the AvPlan-EFB website

ADSB Devices

Information presented here may be helpful for diagnosing connection issues.
There are two parts to the ADSB section depending on the type of ADSB-in device connected:

  1. The first part lists the Status of a variety of ADSB devices that have been connected to AvPlan, with diagnostic data as follows:
  • Device name
  • Device Software Version
  • Device Serial number
  • Device Battery level
  • Traffic count- the number of ADSB targets currently being received and processed
  • TAFs received- where NEXRAD weather is available over ADSB, the number of TAFs received
  • METAR’s received- where NEXRAD weather is available over ADSB, the number of METARs received
  • NEXRAD Status (the time of the most recent update)

If in the USA and available from the device, a list of ADSB (UAT) transmitter locations is presented below the diagnostic information.

  1. The second part lists devices based on a Raspberry Pi processor.
  • the IP address of the device
  • The device startup status (connected / disconnected)
  • The number of 1090-ES ADSB targets currently acquired
  • The nature of the most recent data or connection error, if any.

Panel Devices

This section also allows you to enable, set up and examine the status of connections to Avidyne and Dynon panel displays.

For both kinds of display the key interface element is an Enable Button.

For Dynon displays no other interface information is available.

For AviDyne displays, as well as an Enable button, the following diagnostics are presented:

  • Connection state
  • Device IP address
  • Device software version
  • Device State
  • Flight Plan Upload status
  • Flight Plan Download status
  • AHRS availability

Satellite Devices

This section provides information about a connected Satellite tracking device.

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