The En Route pane displays mapping information. AvPlan EFB overlays all required information over all maps to ensure that you have all the information needed easily at hand, in a format that is easy to understand.

En Route tab

AvPlan EFB combines all Australian charts into three seamless maps:
• MegaVFR,
• En Route Lo, and
• En Route Hi maps.

These maps become more detailed as they zoom in, automatically switching from a WAC view to a VNC to a VTC view (in the case of the MegaVFR).

On top of these maps you can selectively overlay many other features.

Icons found along the EnRoute title bar include:

Direct To Button Find waypoints and begin a direct-to
Brightness Button Adjust screen brightness and screen timeout settings
Help Button Initiate a chat with AvPlan EFB Support
Screen Lock Button Temporarily lock the screen from unintended touches
Search Button Search for airports, waypoints, helipads, airspace, PRDs, etc.
Map Selection Button Select between different available maps to display
Weather Overlay Button Select weather-related overlays to be displayed over the map
Map Settings Button Select many different display options

As well as the above buttons, whilst a flight plan is open the following flight plan control buttons will appear:

Departure button Tells AvPlan that you’ve departed and log the ATD (Actual Time of Departure)
Return/Advance buttons Manually advance/regress the current leg that you’re flying

At the bottom-left corner of the map, the following group of buttons appear:

These are used to control the behaviour of the moving-map, and the visibility of extra functions.

Centre Map on Aircraft Button Switches on/off centring the map on your current position
Map Orientation Button Cycles through different map orientations
HSI Button Switches on/off visibility of the Horizontal Situation Indicator
Synthetic Vision Button Switches on/off visibility of the synthetic vision function
Profile View Button Switches on/off visibility of the flight plan profile view

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