In order to utilise an aircraft model for flight planning purposes, an aircraft instance needs to be created.

An aircraft instance contains the particular details for an individual aircraft, i.e. the registration, the avionics or radios installed. Previously, the aircraft type is dealing with settings for the whole fleet. Although two aircraft might be the same type and year (sharing the same limitations, etc), different features may have been installed over the years affecting the basic empty weight, etc.

To add an aircraft instance, tap Settings > Aircraft Type Database > [your type] > Add New Aircraft..

Enter as much detail as you can. At a bare minimum to use the aircraft for flight planning, you’ll need to add:

  • Callsign
  • Registration
  • VFR reserve

Should you wish to submit flight plans using AvPlan EFB, a much more complete profile will need to be created. As well as the above details, add:

  • Colour
  • Operation type
  • Avionics (radios, navigation equipment, etc)
  • Transponder (Mode C, Mode S, ADS-B, etc)
  • PBN codes (required for IFR only)

Default loading

Default values for weights, fuel load and survival equipment can also be specified on a per aircraft basis. These defaults will be immediately applied to the plan when the aircraft is selected, but can be altered as necessary for the particular loading condition on that flight or stage. This will reduce entry of these items each new flight plan.

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