AvPlan EFB features a flexible display layout. The relative position of the Electronic Flight Log (flight plan) can be altered, depending on how you want to set up the device.

Landscape mode

  • In landscape mode, the flight plan appears on the left hand side of the screen.
  • on 12-inch iPad Pro models, an extra Fuel column is displayed

Portrait mode

  • In portrait mode, the flight plan appears above the map. In between the border of the flight plan and the flexible section, there is a grey line that can be dragged up and down with a finger.
  • This allows you to dynamically alter the viewable area of the flight plan.
  • An advantage of this mode is that two extra columns are added
    • Fuel, and
    • Remarks
  • If you prefer to have the flight plan below the map, tap Settings > User Settings > Display Flight Plan Below Map (Portrait)

Full screen flight plan mode

  • Optionally, you can select to have a whole tab assigned to the flight plan.
  • When this mode is selected, an extra tab appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen:
  • An advantage of this mode is that two extra columns are added
    • Fuel, and
    • Remarks
  • To set the app in this mode, tap Settings > User Settings > Full Screen Flight Plan

iPhone mode

  • The iPhone version of AvPlan EFB is essentially operating in the Full Page Flight Plan Mode at all times.
  • The Weather, Text and Notepad and Settings tabs are combined in the More tab
  • Due to reduced screen real estate, the following functionality is not included in the iPhone version:
    • Synthetic Vision
    • HSI
    • Profile View
    • Brightness Control and Fade to Black
  • The “Locate point” (Magnifying glass) icon is not available, but the Terminal button offers a searchable list of all available airports and NavAids to achieve the same outcome.
  • There is no Departure or Next Leg button at the top of the EnRoute page; Use the arrow buttons on the Flight Plan tab to manually control the active leg if required.

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