AvPlan EFB supports any number of aircraft types – from a simple ultralight, right up to twin-turbine jets. Detailed performance profiles can be created and applied to any flight plan. AvPlan EFB also supports weight and balance calculations.

Aircraft profiles consist of two main parts: Aircraft Type, and then individual aircraft of that model type is created.

Aircraft types are a particular aircraft that share performance and loading characteristics. These may be aircraft of a particular model type, year etc (C172R, V35B Bonanza, TBM-850 etc). An aircraft has a single set of performance characteristics, loading scheme, etc.

An individual aircraft instance can be created from an aircraft type. This has a distinctive callsign, weight, empty arm, avionics, etc. If you have a fleet of the one type, you can have many instances under the one type.

Type/instance relationship. Single instance and multiple instance example

When viewing this list of types on your device, any aircraft registrations associated with a type will be printed beside each listing in parentheses.

Other available aircraft types are those that have been shared by other AvPlan users to our website. These are not stored on your device, so they take up no storage room – nor can they be deleted like the locally stored ones. Tapping a desired other type will instantly import it into your ‘on device’ list. A data connection is required. If one of these types are tapped when not connected to data, an error message will appear. Connect to a data source (WiFi or 4G, etc) to import.

Aircraft Type Database list

This view displays the current types defined in the aircraft type database. These types can be used to create your aircraft profile(s).

Aircraft types can be copied and uploaded and shared with other AvPlan EFB users.

  • Tap an aircraft type listing to view the various sharing options, which can be found under the Options subheading. These include:
    • Copy type
    • Share type on AvPlan EFB website
    • Email aircraft details
    • Send aircraft details

The list is divided into two sections:

  • Aircraft Types on Your Device (white list)
    • This list includes all aircraft profiles that are saved to the memory of that device. This list may grow or shrink if you add/delete aircraft types. Swipe right-to-left to reveal a Delete button. Tap it to delete an aircraft profile from your device.
    • Any registrations associated with a particular type will appear in parentheses next to the description.
  • Other Available Types (light blue list)
    • Scroll past the first part of the list to find a list of Aircraft Type profiles that other AvPlan EFB users have created and kindly shared.
    • To import an aircraft from this list, tap it. The newly installed type will now appear in the upper part of the list (see Aircraft Types on Your Device, above). An instance of that type can now be created. Tap Add New Aircraft. Enter callsign/registration (at the very minimum). Tap the back < button several times until you have the option to Save.

  • If you have completed an Aircraft Type profile that isn’t already on the list, please consider tapping Share Type on AvPlan-EFB Website so other AvPlan EFB pilots might also benefit from this.

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