BOM Radars

The ability to display current routing on BoM radar images as now been added to AvPlan. The current route and present position is overlaid on all BoM radar images at ranges of 128, 256 or 512 km.

With a 3G connection these images can be updated inflight and used as an additional tool for situational awareness and weather avoidance.

Beta Testing

Good news everyone!

Beta testing has begun. At this stage we are looking for feedback on the user interface, the layout of the flight plans and the way in which the NAIPS interface works (seamlessly in the background).

Anyone wishing to access the AvPlan beta access it here. Once you apply on this site and approved you can run the application.

User Interface

IMG_0028We have been putting in a bit of effort designing a user interface on the app which simple to understand and intuitive but at the same time enables you to quickly navigate through the reams of information pilots need to have at their  fingertips.

To this end we have the following features to navigate through the ERSA and DAP procedures.

  • Tapping on a flight plan point brings up a detail view of the NOTAMS and weather for that location.
  • Scrolling left and right displays the ERSA and DAP plates for that location
  • For faster access (which for some aerodromes is a must) a single tap on the view displays thumbnails of all pages, which can be selected to take you quickly to that page.
  • Pages can then be bookmarked to save for later referral.

Welcome to AvPlan


Welcome to the AvPlan website. Our vision is to produce iOS applications which simplify our aviation experiences.screenshot1

The AvPlan application is a virtual ‘flight plan pad’ for the Apple iPad. One which is used to plan a flight with easy and direct access to all necessary flight planning material (ERSA, DAP charts maps and weather information) and then is used inflight as a flight management system; calculating changing enroute times, arrival times, fix crossing times etc. Inflight weather and other useful information will be available.

The initial release will focus on Australian users, with other geographical areas to be added subsequently.

Development is ongoing and an initial beta release for iOS 4.2 is anticipated in February 2011. Please register here to show your interest in the project.