AvPlan 1.3


AvPlan 1.3 has been approved by Apple and is now available from the Apple App Store.

This release includes the following new features;

  • Route markers (at 10 minute or 10 NM intervals) can be added to routes on the map
  • Routes can be edited and intermediate waypoints added by ‘rubber banding’. Tap and hold on the middle of a route and move it to an intermediate point. A waypoint will be added to your plan at that point.
  • A new notepad tab, for taking notes
  • Winds aloft page added under “Planning”. This allows the viewing winds in an area forecast and selection and change of winds where there are subdivisions in area forecasts
  • Flight plans and track logs can be emailed in ‘GPX’ format. These can be viewed in applications such as Google Earth to view previous flights.
  • Flight plans and track logs can be cleared from a previously used plan. Buttons will be visible at the bottom of the plan when editing the plan.

AvPlan 1.2.1

AvPlan 1.2.1 has approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. It contains a few exciting new features;

  • User waypoints can be edited and deleted (See under Flight Planning)
  • Flight plans can be emailed directly from the app as PDF files
  • The app will warn you 10 minutes before your SARTIME expires (only when NAIPS accepts a valid flight plan submission)

The user manual for AvPlan is now available at http://www.avplan-efb.com/wp/wp-uploads/2011/02/AvPlan-User-Manual-v1.2.1.pdf

In addition we have fixed a lot of reported bugs;

  • SARTIMES when the same point is a destination on multiple legs
  • SARTIMES when plan has the same departure and destination and only airwork in between
  • Aircraft performance profiles can be deleted
  • Weights are not rounded to nearest KG (for people who like pounds)
  • Correct fuel units appear on flight plan summary
  • Fixed crash when selecting edit mode during plan recalculate
  • Fixed crash/leg corruption when deleting all points from a stage in a plan which is not the last stage
  • Fixed incorrect association of track logs to flight plans
  • Added option to delete all track logs on all plans
  • Flight mode automatically enabled when departure button pressed
  • Google Map view opens when app is first installed – will enable GPS at that point
  • Last selected aircraft and performance model used on new plans
  • SARTIMES are saved against the plan for auditing purposes
  • Fixed bug where the last viewed page on the Terminal tab is not always saved

Thanks for your continued support and keep your ideas for new features coming. Please dont hesitate in getting into contact with is if you are experiencing any issues with the app.


The AvSoft Team

AvPlan 1.2

AvPlan version 1.2 has been approved by Apple and is now available for download in the App Store. AvPlan 1.2 adds the ability to send flight plan and charts to another app (such as a iBooks or a printing app).

It also includes;

  • Fixes a random crash when switching to the terminal page
  • Fixes a random crash when searching for a waypoint
  • Fixes a problem where winds are not always added to a user waypoint
  • And more..

We are planning the next update for late next week, which will include the ability to edit user waypoints and a number of other small fixes and changes.

AvPlan 1.1.1

AvPlan 1.1.1 has now been approved and is in the app store. This fixes a few bugs;

  • Fixes intermittent crash when going to/from map view
  • Fixes the status of the loading view
  • Fixes in the aircraft model code
  • Fixes in the performance model code
  • Reduced memory footprint

AvPlan Update

It has been a busy few weeks in AvPlan HQ. Apple finally approved version 1.0 for release late last week. This was great news for us, but as the review had taken such a long time (3.5 weeks in total) we have decided to withhold it and release version 1.1 as the first public release.

This has been submitted to Apple and we expect the review to take about a week.

Since our last update we have added some new features into AvPlan 1.1 which make the app even more useful;

  • Optimise altitudes function
  • Download the status of all restricted areas for your plan
  • Print preview your flight plan

Progress has been made on the user manual, which should be available on this site by the time the app is released.

Unfortunately testing cycles have not permitted us to completely test the iPhone version so we will have to hold this version over for the next release. Anyone interested in testing the iPhone version feel free to contact us at support at avsoft.com.au.

AvPlan 1.1

The approval process for AvPlan 1.0 is still in progress with Apple. This however has not stopped work on AvPlan 1.1.

The features in AvPlan 1.1 are;

  • Updated user interface to greatly enhance usability
  • Updated ‘nearest items’ display
  • Updated airport display
  • Routes can be modified interactively by dragging waypoints and routes on the maps
  • Screen brightness control
  • Tracks are logged and displayed on the map
  • Works on iPhone as well as iPad

Availability should be 2-3 weeks via the Apple App Store.

AvPlan 1.0 Submitted

We have re-submitted AvPlan 1.0 to the Apple App Store for review. After initial rejection on some fine print points we are confident that this release will pass the process. This means you should see the app in the store within the next week.

This release is for the iPad only. The iPhone version will follow in the next few weeks – We will keep you posted on that.

AvSoft Store Now Open

With recent changes to the contractual fine print around subscriptions in the App Store we can now offer direct subscription sales direct from our website. These will be yearly subscriptions at a 20% discount over those provided through the subscription mechanism built directly into the application.

Through the AvSoft Store the prices for the subscriptions are;

  • AvPlan Flight Planning (1 Year Subscription) $35 (inc GST)
  • AvPlan VFR Upgrade Pack (1 Year Subscription) $40 (inc GST)
  • AvPlan IFR Upgrade Pack (1 Year Subscription) $55 (inc GST)

With these prices the fully configured application with ERSA, AIP, DAP charts and all VFR and IFR maps with a yearly update service will be $130 inc GST per annum.

As a comparison the update service alone from Airservices Australia for the traditional paper publications and maps is $946.10 per year.

The store is now open for business; we are just awaiting final approval from Apple to formally launch the product.

AvPlan for iPhone

The development effort for AvPlan for iPhone is rapidly coming to a conclusion, and it appears that the first release available through the App Store will support both the iPad and iPhone.

All features available on the iPad version are supported on the iPhone, albeit on a smaller form factor.

First release submitted

AvPlan 1.0 has now been submitted for review to the Apple App store. We are looking forward to their review and on track for availability in the next week or so.