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Preparing a Plan for Re-Use

We here at AvPlan EFB headquarters often get asked the question, “How do I re-use a plan that I’ve already flown?”. There’s actually two ways you could go…  You could actually create a blank new plan, then leverage the ‘Append Plan’ feature within Edit Mode. (For more details about this, see this earlier tip post) […]

Get to know the Nearest Items PopUp.

Every AvPlan EFB user has probably tapped on this many hundreds of times (if not thousands!).  If you stop and have a look, there are many abilities tucked away here. Most, if not all users will know the golden rule about tapping the name portion for information about that place, or tapping the blue plus […]

Discussing Direct-To

Everyone is probably aware of the Direct-To and how it functions on a GPS-enabled device.  But what if I told you that there is actually two types? Direct-To any point outside your flight plan (like in an emergency diversion). Direct-To a future (or past) waypoint within your flight plan. Lets deal with the first scenario: […]

Let’s Talk LSALTs

Whenever you plan along an air route, the LSALT (Lowest Safe Altitude) for that published route is automatically entered in your flight plan.  …But what happens when you are planning off-route, like to a private airport? Well, AvPlan EFB has still got you covered. If a waypoint entered in your flight plan is not part […]

Terminal Page Shortcut

Have you ever had to get to those RNAV-Z plates in the Terminal pane? If you scroll page by page (especially at a large airport with many approaches/departures) it might take quite a bit of time to reach the one you want.  This trick should save you quite a few swipes: Navigate to the Terminal […]

New NavData – Using the app while it’s still downloading.

It’s that time again – new NavData cycle.  NavData is at the core of AvPlan EFB, containing waypoints, airways, navaids, map orientation data and much more – so it’s important you have the most up-to-date information at your disposal. You may open the app to find that it needs to “Download Updated NavData”.  A little […]

‘Append Plan’ Button – What does it do?

Append Plan is a very handy feature of Edit Mode.  It allows you to extract waypoints from another plan and have them magically appear in your current one – without altering the original in any way! Example Scenario 1: You have a flight coming up. You’ve flown it previously, and don’t want to re-enter all the waypoints… […]

METAR Overlay – how to turn them on and what do they mean?

METARs are those coloured little circles on the map you may have seen when you first started AvPlan EFB.  They are a great way of getting weather information at a glance, and consist of three parts: The circle (location) The wind vector (tail) The wind strength (feathers) You can turn them on or off by selecting METARs […]