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Freezing Level Overlay

Most pilots (if not all!) will be familiar with the humble Synopic Chart.  Where similar points of pressure are joined with lines, so you can visually get a sense of what is happening in the atmosphere.  Another example of this style of chart would be the contour lines on a topographic map. In the latest version of […]

Airspace Overlay

Depending on where you are, aviation maps may give you a lot of information, or they may give you very little. Airspace is depicted on VNC and Sectional charts, but what about when you’re flying in an area that is only covered by WAC charts?  How do you know if there is airspace around you? […]

Transitioning from Planning to Flying

After you’ve prepared your flight plan, it’s time to go fly it.  Here’s a typical transition from planning phase to the in flight phase: Upon starting up your engine and waiting while the temperatures and pressures to stabilize, set the app to Fly mode.  This will log your Off Blocks time and begin logging your aircraft’s […]

Pass Abeam

How do you track directly towards your distant destination, but still have timing points along your route? You could set up user waypoints along the way, but that could potentially be time consuming.  The answer is AvPlan EFB’s Pass Abeam feature! Using large, easily visible features along your track you can maintain your straight-through track and still […]

Course Pointer

The course pointer is a favourite feature of mine.  At first it took me a moment to understand what it is telling me, but once I got my head around it I wouldn’t fly without it! When you’re stationery, it is simply an extension arrow that points out a little bit forward of your aircraft. As […]

Data Downloads

What do all those colours mean? The Data Downloads page can give you an at-a-glance window into the data you have (or requested to have) stored on your device.  However, many users have not seen all of the possibilities that may occur in terms of the colour combinations on this page – so I thought […]

Route Annotations

Hi Team, Apologies for missing last week’s tip! My approach to Friday became unstabilised, so I’ve completed a go-around and here I am back for another landing. This one should stick!    Route Annotations – These little signposts posted along your flight plan route can give you some important information about your vertical navigation and […]

A closer look at Airspace

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at the Nearest Items popup.  That was a single tap on the map, and shows all things to do with the ground.  Now, it’s time to look at all things in the air – otherwise known as the Select Airspace popup. The Select Airspace popup appears any time […]

Adding an Alternate

Having an appropriate alternate in your flight plan is an important part of being prepared.  Thankfully, AvPlan EFB makes it easy to add and have the fuel calculations in place, should your plan A not work out as expected. After completing the main part of your flight plan (i.e.  your departure airport, destination airport and […]

Quickly Accessing BOD/EOD details for your destination.

There are many reasons why pilots should be aware of daylight hours – particularly Day VFR pilots. If you’re ever wondering what time is official End of Daylight, you can quickly access this by tapping the corresponding line in your flight plan.  This is a little shortcut to accessing Terminal information about a place that’s […]