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Critical Point

Eagle-eyed PRO Upgrade subscribers may have noticed a new Route Annotation popping up along their flight plan. It’s a little sign saying CP. What’s it all about, and why should we be interested? CP stands for Critical Point, or as it’s also referred to – equal time point. It’s the point along the route, when taking into […]

Traffic Trails

Have you ever been watching traffic on the map and wondered what their next move might be?  Now you can make an educated guess… New in AvPlan EFB 6.0, double-tapping on a traffic icon will bring up its available previous track. Note that the available lengths of the trail depends on the traffic type and […]

Infrared Satellite Overlay

Most pilots will be used to looking at the Rain RADAR overlay; it’s a great tool, however this does not necessarily show the whole weather picture. If you include RADAR rain returns and also look at a satellite-based infrared as part of your weather self-brief during preflight preparation, you’ll have a much clearer picture of the whole weather […]

Aircraft Defaults

If you have an aircraft that is flown in a similar loading or setup, you can save time each and every new flight plan by having pre-set-up weights and loadings. For example:  You have a two-seat aircraft that you fly almost all the time with your favourite co-pilot.  It’s always refuelled at the end of each flight […]

Electronic Ruler

Electronic maps are wonderful things! No more folding, ripping or replacing. However, one thing that is eroded ever so slightly with electronic mapping is the sense of map scale; owing to the fact that it can be constantly panned and zoomed through multiple map types. On a paper map, only one map at a time and […]


Have you wanted to use the Aircraft Glide envelope, but don’t have the necessary details to get it going? Let’s have a look at what’s involved. First, turning the function on.  From the En Route pane, tap the Map Settings icon (two cogs, top right) > View Items > Airport Glide Range. If your currently […]

AvPlan Live Traffic

See other AvPlan Live enabled users right on your map – no special equipment needed! AvPlan Live uses your internet connected device to send your position to our server every 15 seconds.  The server then sends back the current positions of other AvPlan Live enabled users and they can be displayed directly on any map. To enable […]

Keeping Your EFB Cool

Things are starting to really heat up for those flying down in the Southern Hemisphere.  However, it doesn’t just take the Summer season for things to get hot in the cockpit.  On a clear sunny day, it doesn’t take long for a bubble-canopy-type aircraft to become a human terrarium. There are some things you can do […]

Runway Centreline Extensions

These very handy little lines can be displayed on the map for your planned departure and arrival airports. Turning them on: Tap the Map Settings button (two cogs icon, top right of En Route screen) > View Items and select Runway Centrelines. What do they display? These extensions project out the centreline exactly five nautical miles from […]

Drawing on Plates

Whether it’s making notes to yourself or highlighting important text, the plate drawing feature in the Terminal pane can come in very handy. To access it, locate the page you wish to annotate via any method you choose (for example, you could use the book icon and search the list, or tap the En Route map/Nearest […]