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AvPlan 1.5.1

AvPlan 1.5.1 has been approved and is now available via the Apple App Store. AvPlan1.5.1 adds the following new features New position overlay on all maps Map legends are now available SARTIME notifications can be edited or cancelled. The weather icon changes if there is a SIGMET in the current forecast In addition there are […]

November Data Update

The finishing touches are going on the November 2011 data update which is valid from 17 November. Expect to see AvPlan prompt you to download a new database in the coming days. Once the new database has downloaded and installed, the new ERSA, DAP and Maps can be downloaded from the ‘Data Downloads section’. To download […]

AvPlan 1.5

Apple have reviewed the latest AvPlan update (1.5) in less than 12 hours, and it is now available via the App Store. AvPlan 1.5 adds the following new features; Map rotation. Maps can be rotated to any orientation using two fingers to rotate the map. In addition the map can be locked north up, or […]

AvPlan 1.4.1

AvPlan 1.4.1 has been released and is now available in the Apple App Store. In this release we have added the following new features; Mega WAC with full Australia wide coverage New aircraft default settings New options for fuel tanks in aircraft models The new Mega WAC is available if you download an updated navdata […]

AvPlan 1.4

AvPlan 1.4 has been approved and is now available in the Apple App Store. This release adds a few features such as;  NAIPS charts are saved for offline use Maps open at same scale and zoom factor where possible MTOW turns red when exceeded In addition there are a few fixes; Stuck keyboard bug fixed […]

Mega-Maps Coming

Appearing in an AvPlan update shortly will be new Mega-Maps. These are a mosiac of AirServices charts showing an entire view of Australia. These Mega-Maps will support Bureau of Meteorology  radar and other data overlays.    

Send us your logs!

Hi ! We have put a lot of effort into improving the stability of AvPlan and want to make it as rock solid as possible. To resolve any latent crashing issues in AvPlan we really need logs sent to us so we can resolve any remaining issues. Some get passed on via Apple, but most […]

AvPlan 1.3.1

AvPlan 1.3.1 has now been approved and is available in the Apple App Store. AvPlan 1.3.1 includes; The ability to add user fixes to all Airservices maps The ability to show Airports, Navigation Aids and User Waypoints on all Airservices maps Flight plans including track logs can be shared with other AvPlan users via email. […]

AvPlan 1.3

Hi AvPlan 1.3 has been approved by Apple and is now available from the Apple App Store. This release includes the following new features; Route markers (at 10 minute or 10 NM intervals) can be added to routes on the map Routes can be edited and intermediate waypoints added by ‘rubber banding’. Tap and hold […]

AvPlan 1.2.1

AvPlan 1.2.1 has approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store. It contains a few exciting new features; User waypoints can be edited and deleted (See under Flight Planning) Flight plans can be emailed directly from the app as PDF files The app will warn you 10 minutes before your SARTIME expires […]