AvPlan Lite for Android

We are excited to announce that in the coming weeks we will be launching AvPlan Lite for Android. Read more

Flight plan submission changes

Recently, an upgrade in the Australian ATC systems means the use of RMK/GPSRNAV has been deprecated and now is ignored when you submit a flight plan.

If you were qualified as such, now you need to ensure you submit a plan with the following avionics; Read more

AvPlan EFB 4.0.2

AvPlan EFB 4.0.2 is now available in the Apple App Store. In this release we have added the ability for flight plans to sync automatically – they will automatically import on your other devices and be ready for use. We are finding that more and more people are carrying multiple iPad’s for use in flight (which even CASA recommend you do), and this is yet another way we are making using multiple devices simpler to use. Read more