AvPlan Survey

We’re doing a bit of a survey at the moment and are offering 2 years complete AvPlan EFB subscription plus a MyGoFlight Folio for your iPad as a prize (worth over $500).

Head to http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1709998/AvPlan-EFB-Survey – it will take you only a few minutes to complete

Automatic Data Updates

In AvPlan EFB 4.0 we added the ability to to automated data updates. When enabled in Settings, User Settings, Automatic Data Updates, AvPlan EFB will automatically download updated data for the regions you have selected. Read more

AvPlan EFB 4.0.1

Today we released AvPlan EFB 4.0.1. This maintenance update adds the following new features;

  • Start/stop timer
  • BRG display to show the bearing to the next waypoints
  • Australian PCA chart added to ‘Local Maps’
  • Airspace overlays are ‘thicker’ and appear when the map is more zoomed out
  • Added support for TACAN’s
  • Airports with only AOPA entries now appear under Terminal, All Charts.

In addition we have addressed the following issues;

  • Issue when aircraft points the wrong way in north up and track up mode
  • Issue when the forecasts are deleted in the background
  • Possible issue when looking at the weight and balance page
  • Password protected aircraft models can be un-protected
  • Fixes to the PRD display which sometimes caused it not to update
  • Fixes for the NNN in the HUD in New Zealand

Work is going really well on the next major AvPlan EFB release, which adds a bunch of really neat things.


A Visit to Southport Flying Club

At ten o’clock on a Sunday morning, as we were driving along a windy road that hid all possibility of an emerging airstrip, I could sense Southport Flying Club was going to be something a bit different. The smart building and manicured lawns gave a hint of a resort golf club; the private strip – 778m 01/19 – is bitumen and permission is required to land there. The club house is immaculate and clearly maintained with a great sense of pride. Read more