A new feature in iOS 7 is ‘AirDrop’. This allows information to be shared across different  apps on different devices within wireless range of each other.

AvPlan supports the following AirDrop capabilities;

  • Send flight plans. Tap the ‘Send’ button under the flight plan and ‘Send GPX export’. Everything in the flight plan, including the track log and enroute times (if you have flown the plan) will be sent.
  • Send print files in PDF format. Tap Planning, Print/Send. Select the items you wish to print and tap the top right button and ‘Send to app’

We will add the capability to send aircraft models in the very near future.


AvPlan EFB 3.2

Today we released AvPlan EFB 3.2 and it is now available in the Apple App Store. In this release we have added the ability to overlay instrument approaches and airport diagrams on the Mega VFR and En Route Low/Hi charts. Find the chart on the terminal page, then tap the pencil icon. Select ‘View chart on map’ and the En Route pane will open. The chart will then appear, along with a slider to change the opacity of the chart, and a close button to remove it from the map.

In addition we have added the ability to draw on the pages on the terminal pane. This can be used to highlight closed taxiways, altitudes on step down fixes, your taxi clearance, circuit direction and more. Tap the pen icon at the top, and the pen colour. Use your finger to draw on the chart. Double tap to stop editing, or select the pen icon and deselect the pen. A quick way to begin drawing is to double tap and this will use the blue pen. Double tap again to stop editing.

In addition we have added the following tweaks;

  • When submitting a flight plan with a SARTIME for the first leg, the subsequent legs will have a SARTIME of TBA
  • Deleting old data is much faster
  • Updated map legends
  • Removed ‘Not for use for air navigation’ disclaimer


AvPlan EFB Now Approved!

AvPlan EFB Now Approved!

We are extremely excited to announce that AvPlan EFB is now an approved data source under CAR 233 1(h). What this means is that you now can use AvPlan EFB as a replacement for paper maps, ERSA, DAP, AIP and AIP SUP.  You now can use AvPlan EFB in the cockpit and do not need to carry paper copies of these documents.

We strongly recommend carrying a backup for your iPad when using AvPlan EFB in the cockpit (see our licensing changes below). CASA recommend in CAAP 233 that you carry a backup for your EFB, and we cannot recommend enough that this is followed (the backup can be AvPlan EFB on another iPad, or paper copies of the documents required for flight). This CAAP also has other guidelines on the use of Electronic Flight Bags. If you have any questions, please contact us.

AvPlan Licensing Changes

With the approval process now complete we are happy to announce that AvPlan EFB is now usable on up to three (3) of your iDevices. Your AvPlan EFB license will allow you to run AvPlan EFB on your primary and backup iPad and an iPhone if you have one. If you wish to comply with the CASA guidelines for EFB use, this makes AvPlan EFB the most cost effective solution available in Australia.

Thanks again,

Bevan Anderson & the rest of the AvSoft team

CASA Approval Update

On Friday, 30th of August we received our CASA approval under CAR 233 1(h). CASA actually processed our application far faster than expected, and the other hoop we need to pass through is an upgrade on insurance coverage required under our Airservices contract.

Once we obtain this coverage we can remove the disclaimer that AvPlan is ‘Not for use for in flight navigation’.


iPad’s in the cockpit

At the AOPA Safety Seminars which are held around the country we present on iPad’s and their use in the cockpit. The first half of the presentation is very product agnostic, and is useful material for anyone using an iPad or other device as an EFB. The later part of the presentation gets into the use of AvPlan as an EFB.