Push flight plans

We have added the ability to push a plan via the cloud with the touch of a button. Tap the Send button under the flight plan (last of the 5 buttons) and then tap ‘Sync Plan’.

Your flight plan will then be synced with your other devices immediately.

Disable Moving Map Mode

With the latest AvPlan update, when you disable ‘Moving Map Mode’ under Settings, User Settings, the Plan/Fly button enables and disables the GPS.

When in Fly mode, the GPS will now also run even when the app is in the background or the iPad lid is shut. This will be useful for flying instructors – they can use the app with the lid shut to log a students flight, without the student being able to look over to see where they are!

AvPlan 2.1.4

AvPlan 2.1.4 is now available in the Apple App Store. In this release we have added support to send STS codes with your flight plans (HOSP, VIP etc). We have also fixed a few issues with delay points in plans, greatly enhanced the PRD display under planning and other fixes.


Rotation Lock

During flight your iDevice will be subject to many changes in G forces, as you manoeuvre the aircraft. It is recommended that you engage the iPad’s rotation lock at all times in flight to ensure the device does not rotate when you least expect it.


AvPlan 2.1.3

AvPlan 2.1.3 is now available from the App Store. This release adds the ability to export flight plans in FPL format. This format can be written to your GNS 430/530 GPS via the Garmin Migrator tool, and also written directly to an SD card and used in your newer Garmin GPS, or flat panel Garmin display (G1000 etc).

We have also greatly improved the performance of flight planning calculations and weather updates, which you will surely notice. We have also fixed a few niggly bugs that crept in around the NAIPS FP2012 changes (the PRD status view under planning & SARTIME only flight plan submission for example).



Export to your Garmin GPS

AvPlan now supports exporting flight plans to your panel mount & newer Garmin GPS units. Tap the send button under the flight plan (last button) and either email the file or send it to another app on your device (Dropbox, or maybe  SD card writing software).

You can write these files to an SD card and insert into your newer Garmin GPS, and panel mount G1000. You can also use the Garmin Migrator tool to write it on the card for your GNS430/530 units.