AvPlan 2.1

Today we released AvPlan 2.1. This release adds the following new functionality

  • We have added a HSI on the en-route pane
  • Your flights can be exported directly into LogTen Pro, the premier logbook app for the iPad and iPhone (and Mac)
  • You can print your flight log at the completion of your flight, complete with all time intervals as flown
  • You can create user waypoints from a bearing/distance from another known point
  • You can specify a default fuel flow for your fixed reserve
  • Full support for iOS 6.
The HSI works as you would expect. The CDI displays course deviations plus or minus 5 nautical miles. The course indicator displays the track for the current flight plan leg. This can be altered by moving the pointer with your finger, to change the inbound course to the waypoint. Tapping the button at the top left re-sync’s the course to that of the active leg.
The HSI can be moved by tapping and holding on the instrument, and then dragging to the new location. You can change the size of the HSI using a pinch gesture.
On the planning pane you will see an additional item at the bottom called ‘Log Book’. This view shows you all details about the flight as flown. The date/time, aircraft, type, total flight time. All legs are also shown with the route flown, the wheels off/on times (takeoff and landing times) and the block off/on times. Tapping on the option at the bottom will send this data to LogTen Pro. This can be edited in LogTen to change the various flight times etc (when you need to adjust the flight times, and things like instrument and night times).
The flight log can now be printed/sent/emailed at the completion of your flight. This will record you actual arrival times at each waypoint as a permanent record of your flight (this will be useful for various record keeping requirements in charter organisations).
User waypoints can now be created from a bearing/distance from another known location. When such a waypoint is created, it is sent in your flight plan as a bearing/distance from that point (all other user waypoints are sent via NAIPS as a lat/long pair).
You now have the option to create a fuel flow for the fixed reserve. This will allow you to closely align the data in AvPlan with that in your companies operations manual.
We have added a bunch of small fixes to make the app work better with iOS 6 (full support for the iPhone 5 will arrive in 2.1.1 in the coming weeks).

Come see us at Westfly!

AvPlan will be attending Westfly at Whitegum Farm near York this coming weekend, 29th and 30th September. So if you want to come along we will be performing demonstrations of AvPlan and can give you some hands on hints and tips. We will also be offering discounted subscriptions during the event as well. Come along and say hi!


Connected Panel

AvSoft are incredibly excited to announce we are now an Aspen Avionics Connected Panel partner.  The Connected Panel really establishes Aspen Avionics as the thought leader in the certified avionics market. This partnership, the first for an Australian software company, will enable us to provide even greater capability and an unsurpassed level of seamless integration into your cockpit.

Initially expect to be able to load flight plans wirelessly from AvPlan into your current GPS navigators. With the extensive integration planned, expect to see unsurpassed capability into the future.

The flight planning process

AvPlan, one tool, one process, one outcome

One of the key concepts that drove the production of AvPlan was to produce a flight planner with the full capabilities of a desktop flight planner, but on a device which can fit in your pocket. The reason this is important is that pilots can use the same process to plan a flight regardless of their location (Home base, remote charter destination, after diverting, after re-tasking en-route). Pilots do not need to know more than one tool to perform the job, and the tool can be with them at all times. Training overheads are minimised and standard operating procedures can be simplified.

If you operate an aviation business, contact us today and we will assist you in transforming your flight operations.


Share your flights with others online

AvPlan supports sharing your flights with others by sending/emailing a link to your flight. Your route and ground track are displayed on Google Maps, along with a graph of your altitude and ground speed.

To use this feature, first enable AvSoft Cloud Flight Plan syncing by tapping ‘Settings’, ‘User Settings’ inside the app.

Then navigate your web browser to the My Flights section of our website.

Tap on the ‘Share’ link on the flight plan you wish to share.

Open this flight, and you will see the link at the top of the page. Email this to share your flight with others.

You can also tap on the ‘Share on Facebook’ to add this flight to your Facebook timeline.