AvPlan 2.0 adds AIP SUP pages to the list of available items under the Text pane. Support has also been added to notify you when an updated AIP SUP is available for download.

AvPlan 2.0 has been submitted for review, so should be available late next week.

Dismiss keyboard on ‘Add Track Point’ window

One method of adding a track point to your plan is tapping the ‘+’ at the top right hand side of the flight plan. This opens the ‘Add Track Point’ window, and automatically shows the keyboard.

If you wish to just dismiss this window, you must hide the keyboard first by tapping the ‘hide keyboard’ button on the bottom right hand side of the iPad keyboard. Then you will see a ‘Dismiss’ button on the bottom of that window. Tap that and the view will disappear.


Terrain Warnings

AvPlan 2.0 includes a built-in terrain warning system. These alerts are based on the FAA TAWS-B standard, and when triggered, a red popover appears over the En Route, Terminal, Weather or Text pane (depending on which is being viewed at the time). The warnings are triggered based on terrain only – when we obtain an obstacle database we can incorporate that as well.

Also the app will generate an audio ‘500 ft’ announcement on descent, when passing through 500 ft above terrain


Find the shortest IFR route

AvPlan 2.0 incorporates a unique ability to find the shortest IFR route between any two points in its database if they are located on an IFR route. When entering a point in your plan the app now searches in the following order;

  • Looks for a single airway joining the two waypoints
  • Looks for a stored route joining the two waypoints
  • Asks if you wish to fly direct, or have the app search for the shortest IFR route
The app even checks for, and doesn’t fly you up a one way route in the wrong direction. The search function takes approximately 1-2 seconds depending on route complexity.

Is that restricted area active?

AvPlan 2.0 includes the ability to double tap on a map to view the status of a restricted area. The app will highlight the boundary of the restricted area and display if it is active or not, plus any applicable NOTAMS.

This screenshot, taken in-flight, also displays the new display of current and next area frequency information in the position overlay.


June data update available

The June data update, which is valid from 28 June 2012 is now available for download. The app will prompt you to download the updated database the next time the app is launched.

Once downloaded, the updated maps, ERSA and DAP pages can be downloaded in advance. Tap the Settings pane, then Data Downloads. Select the new database version (NavData 0612) and then use the various download buttons to download the required data.

Only download what you require for the first week or so. In early July we are planning to release AvPlan 2.0 – this release changes the format of the maps requiring them to be re-downloaded.

Once saved, these will automatically switch over when the validity period changes.

New weather overlays

AvPlan 2.0 includes a completely revamped weather overlay system. The BOM radar can be overlaid all map types (not just the WAC charts as in the current version) and we have added current lightning information as well.

The weather animation can be controlled too. It can be paused, played, and stepped forward and backward. It displays the current download state, plus the time of the image, and the time of that image relative to the current time.




Delete a cached ERSA/DAP page

In some cases it can be necessary to delete a single ERSA or DAP page and have it re-download (if it was somehow corrupted). To delete a single page, open the Terminal tab, and tap the book icon at the top right.

Find the page which needs to be deleted, and swipe the row in the table. A delete button will appear. Tap delete and any saved page will be deleted.

When the page is next accessed, it will be downloaded and saved again.


Resubmit a flight plan

When a flight plan has been submitted using NOSEND, and then the same plan needs to be sent with a real aircraft call sign, the previous plan needs to be cancelled first (or NAIPS has a hissy-fit).

To cancel a previously submitted flight plan, tap on the ‘Cancel NAIPS/plan’ row under the Planning tab.


AvPlan 1.7.3

We are happy to announce that AvPlan 1.7.3 is now available in the App Store. In this release we have added the following new features;

  • Flight plans can be imported in Garmin format (from Jeppesen FlightStar for example)
  • Flight plans can be imported from those generated by the AMSA.
The METAR icon colours have changed to one that is far more logical;
  • Green is VFR
  • Blue is low VFR
  • Yellow is IFR
  • Red is low IFR
We have also fixed some bugs, some of which are;
  • Fixed a crash which can occur when editing a plan (and then could trigger crashes printing and in other places)
  • Fixed a minor memory leak which affected iPad 1 users in particular
The finishing touches are now going on in our AvPlan 2.0 release. This is a major update and contains some exciting new features which will further cement AvPlan as the leader in portable flight planning in Australia. We will be releasing information about the new features and how to use them  to our blog over the coming weeks leading up to the launch of 2.0.
We really are putting more in your EFB.