AvPlan 1.6.1

After a long wait, and a bit of debate with the folks in App Review, we are pleased to announce that AvPlan 1.6.1 is now available from the App Store. This release adds a lot of new functionality, fixes a few bugs and has some great performance improvements as well. iPad 3 owners will notice much better map rendering speed, and we have made some huge improvements in this area in the next release, which will come in the next week or so.

We have added the ability to create passenger manifests with weights which get automatically added to the aircraft loading. Tap on the ‘POB’ button on the weight and balance page. In addition a load sheet can be printed/emailed/sent to another app as well.

A terrain database is now included with the app and will display as an overlay on Airservices maps. This terrain overlay shows all terrain which is >1500ft below to 500ft below as yellow, and anything higher than 500ft below you as red. With a flight plan in ‘Plan’ mode this changes slightly – the terrain will be colour coded as above, but with reference to the maximum flight planned altitude.

Table of contents, bookmarks and full text search is now available for all documents in the ‘Text’ pane. Tap on the window to display (or hide) the search bar.

Waypoints will now auto-sequence through your flight plan (when enabled under ‘Settings’, ‘User Settings’). Tap ‘Departure’ when you depart your origin aerodrome and the flight plan will sequence to the next leg of your plan automatically. Flight plan sequencing stops at a landing point, or at a point in your plan which is marked as a delay point. Tap ‘Next Leg’ in these cases to resume your plan.

This release includes the ability to reverse (create points back to your point of origin), invert or append another flight plan. Tap the ‘Edit’ button on the flight plan and the new buttons will appear.

AvPlan 1.6.1 includes an interface to connect it to the X-Plane flight simulator. Enable this under ‘Settings’, ‘User Settings’. Remember to turn this off before going flying!

We have added a new search button on the En-Route page. Enter in a place identifier, and AvPlan will locate it on a map. If the point is not on the current map, it will open a map of the same type, or a VFR or IFR chart covering a greater area on which that point is located. You will also notice the blue (+) button on each row when searching. Tapping that will allow a line to be drawn between points on the map. This should be really useful when visualising forecast subdivisions.

With no plan active the app will now function as a simple moving map – tapping on a point and selecting the blue (+) in the ‘Nearest Items’ window will enable ‘direct to’ navigation. Tap the data labels at the top of the map to cancel direct-to navigation in this mode.

The app will now import flight plans from Champagne Flight Planner in GPX format. This is in addition to the current ability to import plans from Command Flight Planner.

A ‘Download all’ button is included on the Downloads page – when a new data update is available an additional button will appear to enable you to just download updates of the maps you had previously downloaded. You should also find downloads are far more reliable & continue when the app is in the background.

We have completely changed the internal data layout in the map to ensure your user data is backed up correctly via iTunes or iCloud and data will not be purged if your device fills up. You should also notice the background data consistency check is far faster.

We have also made a bunch of little tweaks and fixes;

  • Larger zoom setting on the maps
  • When editing field ’18A’ on the Weather/NOTAM’s Terminal page, the previous entries are not cleared
  • Waypoints can be entered with 3 decimal paces
  • The ‘Nearest Items’ window now displays information up to 30 nm away
  • The NAIPS submission form which is generated when a plan is accepted by NAIPS can now be printed.
AvPlan 1.6.1 does not now sync flight plans and aircraft models by default. This feature can be re-enabled by tapping on ‘Settings’, ‘User Settings’ and turning on both options under ‘AvSoft Cloud Services’.
AvPlan 1.6.1 includes some extra debugging support. If you don’t mind sending us anonymous information which will help us make the app even better, open the ‘Settings’ app from the iPad home screen and scroll down to locate and tap on  ‘AvPlan’.  In the right hand pane in the Maintenance section, set ‘Send debugging information’ to YES. Error logs and crash logs will then be sent directly to us.
The final touches are just going on the next release, which has a bundle of performance improvements for those with iPad 3’s.
Happy flying,

Load the AvPlan user manual into iBooks

To load the AvPlan user manual into iBooks, on your iPad/iPhone, open Safari and open the user manual located at http://www.avplan-efb.com/wp/avplan/avplan-user-manual/.

Once the manual has downloaded, tap the browser window and a menu bar will appear with two buttons, one being ‘Open in iBooks’.

Tap this button and the manual will be transferred to, and available in iBooks for offline use.


We’re working on yet more innovative ways to display weather information to assist with preflight planning and inflight situation awareness. We are developing a new system that will overlay lightning information over the Mega WAC. See the image to the left for an example of what is coming.

Aircraft colours

The aircraft icon changes colour depending on the state of the GPS signal;

  • Black when location information is unavailable, or accuracy is > 100 metres
  • Red when location information is available and accuracy is < 100 metres
  • Blue when location information is available, accuracy is < 100 metres and heading information is valid
The blue state indicates the best accuracy level. If the GPS signal degrades or becomes unavailable, the aircraft icon will turn black. In addition all data fields in the flight plan will flag as unavailable (‘–‘).

Delete an unwanted performance profile

To delete an unwanted performance profile, tap the aircraft icon under the flight plan, and then the aircraft. Swipe the row that you wish to delete, and tap the delete button which appears.


Default aircraft

By default, AvPlan will use the last aircraft and flight rules used to create a new flight plan.

Display a SIGMET

AvPlan will interpret and display current SIGMET’s as large orange areas on the map. To enable the SIGMET display, on the En Route page, tap ‘Map Settings’ and then ‘Weather’. A check mark against SIGMET will ensure any SIGMET’s are displayed on the map. There is a button in the centre of the SIGMET labelled with the SIGMET number. When tapped, the full text of the SIGMET is displayed.

NAIPS fields

Additional fields in a  NAIPS plan submission can be entered as follows;
DLA/  – tap on the desired leg of the flight plan (which switches the
secondary view to the terminal pane)  and then a delay can be entered in
HHMM format on that screen.
RMK/  – The required remarks can also be entered on the terminal pane. Per
stage remarks are entered here, and on the NAIPS submission page (Flight
Planning->Submit flight plan) you can enter per-plan remarks.
EET/  – The set is automatically calculated based on your plan (plus any
delays) and submitted
DEP/ – The departure and destinations are also automatically specified per
stage. User waypoints will be correctly submitted as lat/long coordinates.
DEST/ – As per DEP above.
NAV/ – In the aircraft details, the specific avionics can be specified.
When ‘Z’ is also selected, a new field will appear when items such as
GPSNPA can be specified. Tap on the aircraft icon at the bottom of the
flight plan, and then tap the blue arrow against the specific aircraft
which you wish to edit.