Can not scroll map

With ‘Centre on location’ set on the map, you will find you cannot scroll around (zooming will still work). To change this setting, go to the ‘En Route’ pane, and tap ‘Map Settings’ (Top Right button) and then toggle ‘Centre on location’. A little tick mark will indicate when this is active.


Download an aircraft model

To download an aircraft model from the type database, Go to on your iPad or iPhone. Tap on a type and AvPlan will start and download and import the model for use. (Opening a type on anything else is just likely to give you an error).


Keep it cool

Your iPad and iPhone will shut down if they get too hot. To ensure that your device remains available, do not leave it lying on the dash in the sun. Keep in a cool spot when not in use.

Automatic Backups

If you enter an email address and password into AvPlan (Tap Settings, User Details), the app will automatically backup your aircraft profiles and flight plans. It will also sync these to your other devices running AvPlan, if you have more than one.


Print a blank plan

To print or send a blank plan form, tap ‘Planning’ and then ‘Print/Send’. With only ‘blank plan’ selected a blank form can be printed.


Course prediction

On the En Route tab, the course prediction line shows the anticipated location in 2, 5 and 10 minutes based on the current aircraft groundspeed. To enable or disable viewing the course prediction line, tap the map details button and tap ‘Course Prediction’

Current Leg View

AvPlan can show you your current leg information shown as data fields over the En Route pane. Tap the ‘Map Details’ button on the En Route pane and select ‘Show Position’. The data labels will appear on the En Route pane.

The first cell (with the identifier of the next track point) will also show ‘TO’ when tracking via the plan or ‘DIRECT TO’ when tracking direct to another point (either in the plan, or another point).



Enter a user LSALT

A user lowest safe altitude can be entered for any leg in a flight plan. After calculating the correct altitude, tap the LSALT field and enter the appropriate value in feet AMSL. The route description will update with the text ‘User’ to signify that a user LSALT has been entered. Every time these same two waypoints are used, this LSALT will be automatically applied.

To clear a user LSALT, tap the LSALT field and enter nothing. The user LSALT will be cleared.

Funny text when the radar button is pressed

When you tap the radar button on the En Route tab, the radar overlay is activated. A text bar appears at the bottom of the map – the text in the map shows the date and time of the radar image encoded as follows ; year month day _ hour minute . The time is in UTC.



Using a non-ICAO approved type

These days there are many IACO approved type designators – but occasionally you may need to submit a plan for a non-approved type. To create a new type, edit the aircraft type and enter ‘ZZZZ’ as the ICAO type description. AvPlan will then send the text in the ‘Type’ field with your plan.