Quickly delete a flight plan leg

To quickly delete a flight plan leg, tap and hold on a the leg to be deleted. From the menu which appears, select ‘Delete’, and that leg will be removed

Insert a waypoint in a plan using the map

Often it is necessary to insert a point on a map into a leg of a plan. For example, to track via a VFR reporting point.

To insert a waypoint using a map, tap and hold on a leg of a plan. A blue ring will appear around your finger. Then drag your finger to the point where the new waypoint is, and life your finger.

The ‘Nearby Items’ window will appear. Tap the blue ‘+’ corresponding to the desired point, or create a user waypoint. This will be inserted into your flight plan.

AvPlan 1.6

We are extremely excited to announce that AvPlan 1.6 is now available. This is the first version to support the iPhone as well as the iPad. Your flight plans, aircraft models and for those using iCloud, your user settings, can be synced across your devices.

AvPlan for iPhone is the perfect accompaniment for AvPlan for iPad. It is either an extremely portable flight planner, or can serve as a backup device for your iPad in flight.

In addition we have added a few other useful features;

  • Old expired TAF’s are colour coded red, so you know they have expired and should be refreshed using the ‘Refresh’ button on the flight plan
  • The ERC Low chart is now available in both the VFR and IFR Upgrade Packs
  • A long tap is now required to bring up the ‘Nearest Items’ display when in ‘Fly’ mode (to stop it appearing when the screen is inadvertantly tapped when in turbulence).
  • Warnings are issues if you are about to submit a plan without entering an altitude or POB.
  • Lots of performance improvements and bug fixes


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January Update – AvPlan for iPhone

We hope you all had a very merry Christmas and have a happy and successful 2012. We have been busy testing over the holidays and have submitted AvPlan 1.6 for review. This update is the first to support the Apple iPhone, which we are very excited about. Almost all features of the iPad version work on the iPhone, and flight plans and aircraft models will sync between your devices. This will make your iPhone a perfect in-flight backup for your iPad.

In addition we have tweaked the subscription structure, and the ERC L charts will now be available in the VFR subscription package, as well as the IFR upgrade pack. This will come at no additional charge, and will work for all current AvPlan VFR subscribers.